Posted by: Michael George Daniel | October 31, 2007

Hello world!

This is the blog site for Michael G. Harris, East Haddam, CT. See my website. Harris Management Services is a consulting firm dedicated to the ethic of sustainability. This blog is about total sustainability: the interface of the spiritual and physical worlds insofar as they are one in the same, and it is only through opening up and evolving as human beings will be able to progress toward true sustainability. This blog, therefore, may address issues that some would call spiritual, psychological, material, ecologic, technical, political and economic (to name a few). While our orientation, of which we will remind ourselves constantly, is toward solutions, do not fool yourself into thinking that we can not articulate as best possible an observation and understanding of the problems.

The level of denial in the U.S. is significant, deeply entrenched in our unwillingness to see the truth of our life styles and national actions, equally bound to the energizing fantasy of entrepreneurial success and wealth. As a students and fans of abundance, we will seek to explore the contrast of positive thinking with the facades we build to protect us from the grief and shame of our actions. What causes this protective reaction? To what deep call are we responding when we strive, strive, strive? And what is below or beside that call? Might we discover a choice as individuals, communities and nations to live from the part of us that is abundance, peace, love and compassion? How do we welcome our capacity for hate, jealousy and greed so that we might transcend it? These are questions we hope to explore, for only in revealing the fullness of our dual experience here on the fragile earth might we begin to achieve a sustainable relationship with it and with the universe; a relationship with the expression of sustainability of the universe – literally the evolution of God.

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