Posted by: Michael George Daniel | November 3, 2007

Energetic Martial Arts and Sustainability

Chi Kung and Tai Chi exercises provide an experience of connection that is different from our predominate mode of accessing information through the rational mind. This expanded experience is useful for enhancing our ability to recognize our connection with each other, other life forms, non-life forms and the universe. It is the essence of this perspective that ultimately needs to emerge as a foundational aspect of our relationship with the Earth, if human sustainability is to be achieved.

The nature of our human consciousness, at its present level of evolution, is one of separation. The reason for this is actually rather simple. Philosophically, and perhaps pragmatically speaking, we can not be aware of something with which we are completely one. Paraphrasing Neale Donald Walsch in his children’s book, The Little Soul and the Sun, we are The Light, but there is nothing but The Light. We can’t know ourselves, therefore, as The Light if we don’t have something to compare it to. Thus we manifest on the earthly, dualistic plane for the very purpose of experiencing ourselves inside of a dream – an illusion representing the absence of light – that provides the needed contrast to recognize the light for what it is. Thus in Walsch’s book, God surrounds the Little Soul with darkness so that he can know himself as the light.

Self-awareness, the higher level of our consciousness, is totally unique to humans on this planet. We are aware of the phenomenon of consciousness, but we can not know it without becoming separate for the sake of observing it. While we become aware of our awareness, our connection with a greater consciousness is hidden behind an illusion of separation. This we call Ego.

Ego is a stepping stone. In its current state, human intellect has achieved great accomplishments, but at great cost to the vast interconnected life system of earth known as Gaia. This breakdown in diversity and efficacy of life on Earth threatens the sustainability of the human race and represents an ironic effort in futility for the human ego. Futile to the extent that it has allowed us to develop a rational and technical cultural milieu that holds such complete sway over all other living systems on the planet that we threaten their existence and thus our own. It is the consciousness of the culture that is the greatest impediment to sustainability. The cultural consciousness is a reflection of the individual, human ego. When we expand our individual experience of connection with Gaia, we contribute to the cultural shift needed for human sustainability.

Self-awareness is, of course, an aspect of our higher rational mind. It is part of that middle band of consciousness between our sub-conscious and our super-conscious, both which represent information to which we are not consciously privy; the former being aspects of our instinct and the universal, collective unconscious that has been passed down from generation to generation for eons, and the latter being an energetic connection with universal energy. As we develop our own conscious piece, we deepen our self-knowledge and self-awareness and have the opportunity to bring to light aspects of our experience related to the sub- and super-consciousness that were previously hidden from view. As we develop other modes of experience, we expand our ability to connect with all that is. This is a crucial element in promulgating sustainability. It might also be called love.

The integrated, supportive interaction of Gaia is the context of being for humans. It is the purpose that flows from being and if we act in such a way as to eliminate this context and cease being, we have achieved a different purpose. A purpose that might be characterized as they came and did, did, did, strived, strived, strived, and left. It is not love. Without a sense of connection, we act from a place of separation and have no way of gauging our actions with regard to the living Earth or to deeper principles of the Universe. Principles that reflect a core purpose of evolution, of an always more complex expression of God. Human sustainability requires the essence of connection, love for all aspects of Gaia, be at the core of our relationship with Earth. Perceiving and knowing this interconnection happens through experience. It is ultimately contingent on our ability to understand more broadly the connection of all things, not just living things. Understanding sustainability is, then, related to our ability to experience the interconnectedness of all things. Sustainability is the expression of this oneness. The combination of this knowledge and experience provides wisdom that can be applied to creating a sustainable world.

Chi Kung and Tai Chi exercises offer a means of experiencing interconnectedness. They offer body-centered experiences that transcend the physiology of our bodies. Our feelings by themselves are nothing more than overgrown sensations. Our thoughts aren’t much more than filtered and pre-patterned energetic response within the physiological constraints of our brains. Our instincts are handed down in our DNA and our intuition is conditional to our spiritual openness. But in combination, all of these aspects of our selves offer a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. Energetic martial arts exercises help create coherence among each of these aspects. They encourage our energetic lines to align and our vibrations to entrain and resonate with vibrations all around us. The powerful result of this resonance is a leveraging of essence of the universe down to the quantum level. We amplify the underlying bubbling of the Akashic field. We turn the volume up on our interconnection with the universe so that it can inform us as individuals and ultimately collectively as institutions and cultures, of our inter-relationship with the rest of the universe. Together, this experience with our rationality, can inform and provide the wisdom for creating human sustainability.


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