Posted by: Michael George Daniel | November 5, 2007


An epitome of the cultural shift needed to move toward an organic relationship between humans and the Earth is personal introspection. For it is only through this process that we can as individuals wake up to the relationship between the construct of the external world and the make-up of our internal world. This represents an expansion of our consciousness. There is a psychological basis for the effectiveness of the work, but there is more to it than that. Expanding our personal consciousness is also about getting in touch with the dream of a life integrated with all living systems and with the universe. It is our access to this dream that can feed the fire of our spirit. It is the dream that can lead us to an experience of the deepest joy for being alive. This joy can feed a passion that will help carry us through the difficult work of accepting change and applying our intellect to an ecologically sustainable approach to life.

If we can make sense of the fundamental misalignment in our efforts, institutions and cultural orientation, we can begin to create greater congruences between human efforts at self-actualization, and a harmonious existence wtih Gaia. Accessing the dream of integration with the Earth, or an understanding of the power of coherence requires an opening up, a clearing of emotional interferences. In his book, Emotional Clearing, John Ruskan points out the premise of the book “that no real growth into higher consciousness can occur unless working with the emotions becomes a central part of inner work. Moreover, I hope to show that working with emotion as well as feeling in general can become a most vital and even primary path to self-realization, enabling us to release the inner forces that keep us blocked and from our full potential.” In our context here, this full potential is directly related to the potential of our human-earth culture, and our ability as a species to live in a manner that is congruent and harmonious with the great complexity of life forms on Earth.

Personal dreams represent an extension of our consciousness and, therefore, offer important information for creating new perspectives. This is not a new concept, indigenios cultures in place like South America have used dreams to guide there daily living for thousands of years. As these indigenous cultures are lost and the great homogenizing of cultures around the world continues, we are at risk of losing important creative input to solving the enourmous problems we are facing. As I cross over the threshold of mid-life, dreams inform more and more of my life. This increased access to dreams corresponds with important changes in lifestyle including abstinence from alcohol and an unrelenting effort at self reflection. Most recently, a very vivid dream offered such a mix of information, it is useful to describe it here.


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