Posted by: Michael George Daniel | November 5, 2007

The Purpose of this Blog

Blogs are modern tools related to our emerging global consciousness. I’m only just beginning to explore the use of this tool, and already I find that I have to slow down and do some organizing. It might help to offer to background as to my purpose for starting the blog. Over time I’m sure this purpose will evolve, at which time I’ll post more.

The chronological element of the blog seems to be a great stream of consciousness tool. Although I am writing or finishing up three books at this time, the blog will be used to create material for the books as needed. Because of the way a blog is organized, it is not a great vehicle for the book itself. This is because the oldest stuff, what you might consider the beginning of the book, is at the bottom of the blog, and the newest stuff is at the top. It’s sort of like reading a book backwards, fun if that is your choice, but that’s not the usual choice. So the blog will be used as a canvas from which I hope to cull material for the books. Obviously, with a name like ‘Blog’, it’s not surprising that this tool has a more informal feel to it, something that helps my creativity.

Concurrently I am using the pages feature of this blog site to organize the books. One of the books is a children’s book called Crab City, illustrated by local artist Bonnie Lemay. That book is ready for publishing and I am actively seeking a publisher for it. So it shows up on the blog in its current state as a PDF file. Feel free to check it out. I laid the book out myself on a Dell machine running MS Windows XP. Either I or a professional layout artist may need to work more with the combination of the illustrations and text. First I’ll look for a publisher to see if they will work with me doing this. If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably do it myself on my ‘Windows-Based’ machine and then shop the refined version of the book.

As for the other books, they are located in the Pages area under Books in Development. The novel is called Deep River and is organized under Fiction. This is a sort of self-reflective, narcissitic, psychological, who-dunit thriller that defies classification most likely for reasons that are not all that complimentary to the author. Nonetheless, it is an important stepping stone for my writing and I do intend to publish it with a year. I created that book with the help of the National Novel Writing Month folks, known as NaNoWriMo. The month of November is NaNoWriMo 9month). I wrote the book last year, and hope to elaborate on it this year (during this years NaNoWriMo which is going on right now!) and then edit it over the next several months.

The other book is non-fiction and so is listed under that heading within the Books in Development category. This book is called Abundance, and it is about the nexus of many disciplines more generally called ‘sustainability’. Although this is a word receiving much use lately, I believe it is little understood. The book is my attempt to organize my own thoughts about it and share them. I am also using the NaNoWriMo tools to help get the arc of this book sketched out. What this means if really pretty simple: write 50,000 words during the month of November. By the way, this post doesn’t even count, so I’m going to stop right now and get back to the other two books.


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