Posted by: Michael George Daniel | November 13, 2007

Converging Independents

Having just finished participating in a Modern Mystic Workshop last night, for which my extremely modest consulting firm, soon to be perhaps more of a coop where folks can work at issues real, in my humble opinion, versus giving their time to the current government/corporate kleptocracy (something like a cross between a kleptomaniac, the IRS and a transnational corporation), I decided to fortify myself today by spending some time on James Kunstler’s blog site called Clusterfuck Nation. So if there is a detectable shift in the tone of today’s writing, attribute it to the charismatic style of Mr. Kunstler. It surely wears off on me every time I read his probing, cynical writings. The keen juxtaposition that I think has the opportunity to emerge in this post is that of Kunstler’s dark, brutally honest view of the peak oil situation, not to mention a healthy dose of disgust with the shenanigans of the world of finance and our political leaders, and last night’s experience orienting to how to expand into a state of being that will ultimately transcend the challenges so eloquently described by Kunstler and many of today’s blogger.

If Kunstler’s focus is too narrow for you, be sure and visit Arthur Silber’s website, for a focus on peace, and Bull Not Bull, for a focus on the credit bubble we call our economy. You’ll find fascinating links to even more amazingly lucid bloggers from any of these sites. They offer erudite narrative about the state of our nation and the world today, in the context of history, and present powerful arguments and evidence of a looming, catastrophic decline in the quality of life as we know it in the U.S.

As I write this, I ponder too yet another comment from my tai chi teacher, a person with an easy capacity for saying things that cut to my core and keep me thinking about them for long periods. In this case, earlier in the day, I was home with our eight-year old, who was sick. Even though I have largely abdicated my role as chief bread winner, despite going through motions for sometime now, trying to start a business and grow a firm – the process of which has informed me in unimaginable ways and led me to a place of deep expression and admittedly a growing detachment from the lure of capitalism – these days spent home with a sick daughter still bring up strong conditioned responses of feeling like I’m supposed to be doing something other than staying home and caring for a child. I used words like this in conversation with this teacher: “I felt like I was supposed to be doing something”. He said, “you were doing something, you were caring for a child”. I know this. I have worked on this issue for sometime now. But those conditionings still surface, and I still have to look at them because if I don’t, I start acting unconsciously from them. Today was no exception. I spent much of the time on the computer reading and writing. My teacher’s comments reminded me that still, I could have been more present with my daughter today.

This is a simple thing. But it can be extrapolated out to the general population. I believe it should be projected out to help us understand what is happening. What the nature of this slumber is that we operate in. It is a slumber induced from ancient history. A slumber that starts with the subjugation of the female influence in society; a disconnection from the web of life.

On Sunday I had the privilege of listening to a neolithic philosopher speak. She taught us the difference between a patriarchal culture and a matriarchal culture. The patriarchal views the relationship of the two gender poles, and all they represent, as oppositional, in contest. One must be in control, on top. Conversely, the matriarchal view is not about female dominance, it is about collaboration and unity. It is egalitarian; cooperative. In neolithic times, this was the common view. It emerged from the influence of the natural world in which complementariness is essential to survival. It allowed for thousands of years of sustainable existence among humans. It was the success of this model that actually allowed for the emergence of the dominance-oriented, command and control, imperial view.

If we study evolution, we see that change is wrought through the emergence of individuation. Some aspect of ourself driving to express itself uniquely. This is an aspect of our creative energy. It is reflected in our own ego makeup. It is not the only aspect of ourselves, but currently it is all we can remember – it is, for example, the basis of capitalism.

The expression of the individual is at the expense of the greater community. The balance needed for life to continue, though, is held in the community, in the interactiveness of everything – of all life forms, of our geobiological environment, of the universe itself. The expression of the individual can only progress so far, before problems with the greater whole are revealed. It is the very success of the differentiation process that holds the seeds of destruction. Seeds that become the stimulus for a creative collective response to address the manifesting challenges. Evolution reveals its corollary response, re-integration. The problems are solved and transcended by a reuniting and reinvigorating of the whole; now a different whole, a more complex whole. This is the path of the evolving universe. This is the story the universe tells us, a story that we can now see for the first time because of the success of our scientific minds. It is by virtue of this unprecedented conscious ability to know the story of the universe that we can project the possibilities of the future.

We find ourselves in unique times. Read the blogs, get a sense of the profound nature of the challenges facing the world. Then contemplate the path of that information, how it got to you. Observe the links in the blogs to other blogs, that provide still more links. See the pattern emerging. Take hope from it, for this is the work of re-integration. It is the response of the Earth to the threat that is present. We host workshops in my hometown and try to entice friends and neighbors to come and participate. We try to create a workshop that elicits a feeling response, an experience of something outside of the everyday reality of our largely suburban lives. We hope to wake up as individuals and small groups. But we are informed in the process how the nation and the world might wake up. Tonight on CNN, Lou Dobbs was interviewed about his latest book, Independent’s Day about the emergence of a swath of unaffiliated voters that he believes have lost faith in the two national political parties. Lou Dobbs for crissake! But still, even in the midst of the corporate sponsored sound bites that CNN calls news, there are clues that waking up is occurring. Better yet, I was tuned in to see Deepak Chopra talk about the power of prayer (no it’s not going to fill the reservoirs in Atlanta). It was a refreshingly in-depth treatment of the topic.

The success of this most recent cycle of individuation is unprecedented. The fact is, we are at the nexus of more than one cycle, more than one turning from differentiation to integration. 65 million years ago, an extinction cycle that wiped out the dinosaurs initiated a period of biological differentiation that resulted in a magnificent, diverse world bearing millions of species of plants and animals. This vast plethora is about to collapse. An emergency integration is on the horizon. Inside of this deep cycle, there have been others. Some 5,000 years ago we left the neolithic period and entered into these common times. A shift occurred from an integrated, matriarchal human existence to a patriarchal period of hierarchal empire that represents a broader cycle of differentiation largely characterized by our emerging ego consciousness. Still, inside of this cycle we see the rise of organized religion (integration), the success of the scientific mind (differentiation) , corporate dominance and the green movement (integration). These cycles too are coming to a close.

Our industrial-scientific phase reflects a fantastic emergence of an individuated consciousness, inside of which we can say the green movement exists. Both are collapsing as spirituality and religion converge to inform new possibilities, out of which may arise the makings of the human consciousness that will be able to creatively generate a means to perpetuate the human species. This we call a Modern Mystic. This new consciousness will differentiate itself by transcending the current collective consciousness to express a new integration of science and spirituality. Correspondingly, our great institutions will expire. In their place, Modern Mystics will recognize the imperative of coming together, of building on the emerging global human consciousness to create the great collective brain that will give us the best hope for lasting success. Chopra writes about this brain in a series called A Cat Scan of the Global Brain at his blog site. It is worth reading.


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