Posted by: Michael George Daniel | November 14, 2007


Why is it, when we often look at digital clocks, the time is something like 12:12 or 4:44? Is there really some bigger picture of which we are barely aware? Do we somehow sense the innate congruence of these times and become suddenly impelled to look at the clock then? Well, maybe. At the very least, we can use these moments to remind ourselves of the possibility of some larger pattern that we are a part. We can remind ourself of the opportunity to align with this pattern to enhance our life force.

One of my preferred ways of thinking about this is as energetic vibrations. Many energetic modalities such as Reiki, chi gong, yoga, massage, that we have access to today, seem to connect with energetic patterns and vibrations. The frequency of vibration also has an emotional correlation. Intuitively, this makes sense, but is there any more tangible explanation for it? We have perceptions of vibrations that become the basis for direct experience. For example, I practice tai chi or do some chi gong exercises and I feel a rush of well-being. Is there a way of thinking about these experiences that would be useful?

Internally, our body systems consist of and create vibrations. The cycle of our breathing and the beating of our hearts, both have an order of magnitude frequency of about once per second, or sixty cycles per second (Hz). Our brain waves have a vibrational range of some four to twelve Hz. Our eyes blink and our muscles twitch. Our digestive track cycles hourly and we sleep diurnally. Our cells are born and die, and each of our organs vibrate at unique frequencies. The question is, is there any relationship between these various cycles and vibrations? How do they correlate and is there any way to optimize this myriad of frequencies?

Moreover, we are influenced by external vibrations as well. Lightening strikes the Earth some one hundred times per minute. That’s slightly faster than our hearts are beating. The influence of the lightening and the thunder is carried throughout the atmosphere. It is alive with vibration. Objects vibrate. We create electric current when blood is pumped through tissue. The electro-magnetic interaction goes on and on. We recognize an internal component and an external component. Other aspects of the energy mix include the energy and vibration of our thoughts.

Our brains create vibrations based on our thoughts. Our evolved consciousness allows us to direct our thoughts; we are capable of intention. We are also affected by the energetic content of those that have gone before. Likewise, we are affected and connected with all that ever was, but the human component, the part that Jung called the Collective Unconscious, is particularly powerful. Wikepedia has this to say about the Collective Uncouscious, later called the objective psyche by Jung: “The objective psyche is common to everyone; and it has a better sense of the self’s ideal than the ego or conscious self does. It thus directs the self, via archetypes, dreams, and intuition, and drives the person to make mistakes on purpose. In this way, it moves the psyche toward individuation, or self-actualization.”

Jung recognized an inherent energy or driver of evolution. This energy is stored and passed down from generation to generation. It ultimately is common and available to everyone because of our common fore bearers. For our current purposes, we view this as another energy characterized by vibrations. We have enumerated several kinds of vibration to which we are all subject or composed. The issue of interest in this chapter is the relationship of these vibrations and the opportunity to align them, or to achieve a measure of congruence. Accomplishing this leads to a level of coherence in our living system. More energy is available for life due to this coherence.

When two disparate frequencies intersect, using wave theory as a model, we can visualize the effect of the peak of one wave form colliding with the valley of another. The net effect is to cancel each other out. The important image with dissonant energy or vibrations is this tendency toward canceling out. This canceling out then becomes consistent with increased entropy; the quality of the energy is reduced and less is available to support life. The essence of life and life energy is that which counteracts or balances entropy. From the point of view of our universe, it is this delicate balance between expansion into more dilute energy and contraction into dense matter that holds the secret of life. All living systems have created elegant mechanisms of collecting and converting energy, to organize it and make it available to offset the normal tendency of the universe’s energy to dissipate.

If we are able to align the vibrations in and around us, through intention that is consistent with the deepest knowledge of our ideal self provided through the collective unconscious of humankind, we begin to achieve a resonance that contains power. Again falling back on our wave theory, simply put, the power available in a wave increases by the square of the amplitude. When vibrations align in this way, a surge of power results. There are other examples we might consider, such as the idea of a standing wave created by the interference of two moving waves, but for the purpose of this blog, the point is to consider the increase in life power available when we create coherence in our vibrational circumstance.



  1. Perhaps I am not your typical audience. I had to familiarize myself with many terms you use here to relate to this representation of energy.

    For me, your article translates into a decription of energy and how it relates to the power of love vs. the love of power.

    My experience has been that when we tap into the higher/highest vibrational frequency of energy that our vessels (our bodies) can sustain and function with, we become more aware of the universal consciousness of the power of love. We are more likely to be drawn to further integrate this higher vibrational energy. We may tend to respond rather than react.

    When we exist on the lower vibrational frequencies of energy that our bodies can sustain life with, we are perhaps less likely to release the veils that mask the awarness of the universal concsciousness of the power of love and perhaps even resonate more with the love of power. We may tend to react rather than respond.

    I dedicate my life, my purpose to raising the universal consciousness to the power of love within each of us, within all of the universe.

    Limitless blessings of abundance,

    RMT, Holistic Coach

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