Posted by: Michael George Daniel | November 16, 2007

Steps Five Through Nine

Admitted to ourselves our exact nature.

This is a process of remembering. It is not about finding shame in our humanness. Admitting our nature is really a celebration that stems from the gratitude we feel for being alive. This gratitude is ultimately tied to our innate knowledge that we are here to experience ourselves as an expression and aspect of something that is infinitely capable – reflective of all possibilities, and timeless – existing outside of our linear concept of time. This admission then is an acknowledgment. It is using our current level of rational development to acknowledge the wisdom we carry in our entire being that tells us it is our nature as a spiritual entity in a physical body to celebrate the limitations of this physical plane because it provides the needed contrast to know ourselves as infinite.

We have the answers whether we want to admit it or not. Our nature has been unfolding over a period of some 14 billion years, for as long as the universe has existed. We can, of course, speculate about what else there might be beyond, before or after this universe. There are theories that our universe is but one possibility of many. In the final analysis, this possibility simply supports our concept of true nature. We remember this nature by drilling down to the quantum level and realizing the relationship of all things as part of an Akashic, zero point energy field (the A-field). This A-field offers evidence of a pervading consciousness among all aspects of the universe, a non-local phenomenon that implies that ability to learn that is in all things. It implies other, previous universes that learned enough for our own universe to have established the delicate balance of forces, a mathematical coherence essential for life to exist. This essential essence involves and explains the ability of our own living, organic body to instantly communicate within itself. It relates to the ability of eco-systems to do the same. It explains communication between beings regardless of their spatial or even time relationship. It explains time travel. It is part of every piece of every cell in our body. We know this, it is our nature. When we admit to our nature, we throw the covers off of this construct we have made to explain everything. This construct is Maya – the illusion that the physical manifestation of the underlying essence is the essence itself. This equates to holding the elephant’s ear and concluding that there is only an ear.

There is no explaining the heart of the explanation.

There is only is-ness, being. A website dedicated to the book Science and the Akashic Field by Ervin Lazlo offers this: “We are, or can be, literally ‘in touch’ with almost any part of the world, whether here on Earth or beyond in the cosmos. When we do not repress the corresponding intuitions, we can be informed by things as small as a particle or as large as a galaxy”. Our work here is ultimately about the understanding that we can be informed by things as small as a particle or as large as a galaxy. Our true nature is an inherent part of us that extends from the smallest particle to the grandest sweep of the universe. Though our brain may struggle to understand it, if we repress the impulse to know it through rationality, we can be informed by the deeper essence. This essence is connected and informed by everything that is. While this may be difficult to understand, it is the objective that begins with step five.

Transpersonal consciousness is open to more of the information that reaches the brain than the dominant consciousness of today.

The website continues discussing Lazlo’s work: “Regarding the future evolution of human consciousness he mentions numerous theories, “but they have a common thrust. Consciousness evolution is from the ego-bound to the transpersonal form. If this is so, it is a source of great hope. Transpersonal consciousness is open to more of the information that reaches the brain than the dominant consciousness of today. This could have momentous consequences. It could produce greater empathy among people, and greater sensitivity to animals, plants, and the entire biosphere. It could create subtle contact with other parts of the cosmos. It could change our world. A society hallmarked by transpersonal consciousness is not likely to be materialistic and self-centered; it would be more deeply and widely informed.” This then offers an objective to carry on our work with step six.

Were entirely ready to move into union with our nature.

Perhaps AA would have me shanghaied for what I do to their twelve steps. But know this, we can use any framework; this is creative work. One hallmark of creativity is the ability to use patterns, examples, even archetypes in the world as the basis for enumerating details of that which we wish to create. In our work with strategic planning, this is the essence of the process, finding a means to entice out characteristics of our vision so that we can analyze and organize them. I believe my reworking of the steps here is entirely congruent in the intent and purpose of the twelve steps of AA. There are differences that reflect unique approaches to understanding our place in the world and the cosmos, but despite the differences in the words, we might also see the potential for great agreement. A simple example is in the definition of God. Given the cultural loading of this word, it is not preferred for our work here. Yet it must be said, where the word God has been removed and ‘essence’ or ‘nature’ or ‘universe’ has been substituted, they can, with willingness, be seen as complementary and, in fact, deeply informative in each word’s ability to create new perspectives. Such perspectives yield additional details, new characteristics, wrinkles on our image of the face of God. This, then, is to know God more deeply. It is a process of elucidating, growing and developing our understanding.

In step six, we are ready for this process of adding wrinkles to the face of God. We are open to it. We are open to recognizing it come through a Transpersonal consciousness that augments and complement our individual consciousness.

At the risk of circular logic, recognize that any devotee of AA would have to recognize the imperative of this perspective if he or she was to truly exercise their step six. For in inside of the two versions is the same openness that reflects the nature of all possibilities carried in the A-field from which we arise. We move into union with this nature to initiate our own great turning, so needed in the midst of the larger turning carrying on in the world today. This union includes the creative problem solving of the heavens, including all of humanity from the distant past and even into the future. This is the creative power that can be brought to bear to our work of the great turning.

Humbly asked to be subsumed by the whole.

Step seven leads into the transpersonal. We have offered an intention and method for bringing into consciousness aspects of ourselves that can lead to an understanding of our very nature. We have asked to look at this, asked to see it. We have learned that the process of seeing leads to change. At this point, there is a leap of imagination required. Some of this nature, we have been taught or somehow formed the opinion, is not all that appealing. There is an element of faith needed now to recognize the great benefit of integrating all of our parts in order to reach for the deeper nature. This is done through the wisdom of the context that has arisen from our earlier work. Through an appreciation for the A-field, and the role this basic component of all things in the evolution of the universe, we can develop a useful perspective for integrating our new understanding of our nature. This will entail a great question of whether or not there is good and evil, right and wrong, in the world, in the universe. Can we release our attachment to these dualistic definitions in order to move into a transcendent understanding? Once we do, we form the basis of conscious choice. This is the aspect of evolution that we serve, to bring to consciousness all of our nature, to accept that nature rather than suppress it for the explicit reason of having a conscious choice about how we will be in the world. This opens the door to our reuniting with the all-that-is, with the life systems of Gaia, with our communities, families and friends. This is a process of joining with a greater consciousness. It involves the paradoxical elements of knowing ourselves most deeply as individuals so that we can become open to uniting with an integral whole universe.

We subsume this individual nature into the broader, overall context. It is the energy of our individual nature that allows this to happen, impels it forward in congruence with the great unfolding taking place all around. While our existence in Maya is unequivocally constrained by our senses, we integrate these senses into our much broader wisdom. As a result, we transcend the dualistic plane and receive the peace of eternity while living with our yet fullest capacity.

Made a list of all life unconsciously harmed by protecting ourselves from our own nature.

The action that is needed is most immediately in the context of our living Earth. As our nature is revealed to us, an emerging understanding of our relationship with the rest of life shows us the great pain we have caused, and deep sorrow and grief in our own being for these results. Through our conscious action, we become willing to look at the specific effects of our existence on the web of life. This can be traumatic. It can be difficult to understand that we are involved. We are tempted to see it as the work of others.

When we take the action of enumerating how we impact of life forms, we remove the last layers of denial of our place in the cosmos.

Our enlightenment begins to lead to transformation. In step nine, we put this willingness and knowledge into direct action.

Made direct amends to all life forms.

The twelve steps offer a pivotal point as a framework that serves our need to make this deeply philosophical work pragmatic. We use step nine as that pivot point. Here is where we can build upon a spiritual foundation to begin making changes to life practices and life styles that are incongruent with the fundamental thrust of the emerging life on Earth. This work is made more difficult by the fact that this process of emergence is now different. The tapestry of species represented on the Earth is undergoing unprecedented changes. Never before has such a diverse range of species been arrayed throughout the world, and simultaneously exposed to extermination. As we open to making amends to these life forms by joining with this web of life, we also must learn how to do it in a new context. A context wherein many of the species that serve the health of our biosphere will no longer offer their delicate balancing influences. In addition to this shift, structural changes to the geosphere in the form of pollution, climate change, ocean rise, weather changes and even morphing of the land masses, is changing the context for all life. Our amends and adaption is made doubly difficult by the nature of this moving target.


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