Posted by: Michael George Daniel | November 17, 2007

Ten, Eleven and Twelve

Continued forward despite great uncertainty.

Our nature insists that our sensations reflect the totality of reality. Our progress as human reflections of consciousness has allowed sufficient rationality to emerge to begin to grasp the illusion of our beliefs with our brains. But the experience of this through our minds requires additional modes of information. In the process of opening up to these other modes, we are beset with doubts that arise from the ego based rationality. This step helps us to use our new found wisdom of our nature to realize this subtle fact; that we will experience resistance in the form of want and doubt. There is little misunderstanding when we see this about the need to conjure the emotions of having realized our selves as a means for moving through this resistance.

Sought to realize prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with the universe, praying only for the willingness to allow a new reality to emerge.

Bringing the experience that we have tried to describe here back, full circle, to our conscious knowing, is all important. This step represents the crucial growth and evolution of the consciousness that reflects the next stage of enlightenment from which all things flow. Our tools are opening ourselves up to the totality of experience though meditation, and using the intention through prayer to generate the results that will be the feedback our consciousness requires.

Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we expanded into the knowledge that our transformation echoed everywhere and in everyone.

There is a great reward for this work. It is heaven on earth. When we align our personal energy and spirit with the deepest, greatest energy of the universe, congruent with the pull of evolution, we will experience an expansion beyond the realm previously experienced through our physical senses, our intellectual rationality and our beliefs. This involves a falling away of the attachment to the physical illusion that we typically hold as reality. The peeling away of these veils to experience the Akashic reality of the zero point field, from which everything manifests, is the experience of nirvana or heaven. This might sound like the exclusive territory of the spiritual field, far from the pragmatic orientation believed to be at the core of any solution to greater sustainability. It might seem to be leading us away from the technological capability in which so many of us have so much faith. It might sound distressingly idealistic, unattainable, unrealistic and out of this world.

It is not. The penultimate message in this work is that resolution of all of the problems that we believe face the world today. Whether you recognize the aspects of the great turning, the extinction event currently unfolding, the devastation of the forests, water, air and climate, or the violence and injustice that is rampant under the disguise of spreading democracy and flattening the world, or simply orient to the binds of government regulation, environmental laws, loose immigration and widespread diversity of ethnicity, sexual orientation and Polly Anna new age spiritualism, we will all come to see none of this as the issue. The real key to a fundamental, pervasive solution is simply in the shifting of consciousness, a change of perception and perspective in which the energy that keeps the current system going simply slips away and a new reality takes its place.

We see, then, that those problems, as real as the seem now, are all Maya. They are real constructs of our limited perspective. They are gnats on the elephant’s ear. There is a spiritual solution to every problem, in the words of Wayne Dyer, and there is no reason to limit the scope of this truth to our personal, mundane lives. This is a universal law that comprises all that ever was, and all that will ever be.

When we reach the tipping point of this shift in consciousness, this is what will happen. We will eat less. We will eat vegetables. We will grow much of what we eat, and trade the rest. We will not have obesity and diabetes, heart disease or cancer. We will produce everyday products used in our households from the byproducts of local plant material. When we build our homes and community buildings, we will use technical materials made from renewable energy and made of component compounds derived from nature and designed to be regenerative both over their life and after their useful life spans are complete. Roofing materials will leach nutrients into the soil and be designed to wear away until they are recovered and then continue to dissipate as a beneficial compound. Siding will wear down to a durable sheen able to last for hundreds of years.

Transportation will consist of an ever flowing, reliable network of various sized, renewable fueled vehicles to which one will be able to avail oneself at any time, in any direction. Fossil fuels will not exist. Community problem solving and creative progress will stem from group meditation in which the answers are provided through collaborative brainstorming and planning.

In this not to distant future, militaries will not exist. Global travel will mainly consist of information based, virtual reality experiences that will have developed to a quality that so fully substitutes for physical travel it will be indistinguishable. Compulsions for alcohol, drugs, sex and violence will fade away. The meaning of love will expand beyond our current comprehension as people fall in love with others frequently and constantly. Sexual coupling and pleasure will be an open and meaningful aspect of life. Each will have as many partners as best suits them. Many will continue to find monogamous relationships to be the most satisfying. In fact, many of the people in these relationships, based on the genuine improvement of their lives together, will represent the leading edge of spiritual thought and consciousness evolution. They will lead us forward into unpredictable new periods.

Work as we know it will not exist. Largely people will pursue their own ideas of their highest aspirations. As a result, sickness and disease will disappear and life spans will increase substantially. People will ultimately choose the timing of their transition into the next realm, which will be well understood through the vastly greater intuitive information available. There will be little use for a medical profession, however spiritual medicine will be understood to be essential, and will be a feature of all societies.

Diverse societies will reign over most of the land mass of the Earth. National boundaries will no longer exist as locales become self supporting. Communities will form around groups of several hundred. In more densely populated areas, there will be many such communities clustered tightly. In rural areas, gradual shifts to villages surrounded by food and energy farms will emerge. Waste products will no longer be allowed. All materials will be constantly used and reused. Some will find deep callings in developing these materials and the methods of their reuse, restructuring and remanufacturing.

Politics will no longer exist. Information and entertainment will converge in the form of participatory events designed for both fun and accessing channels of divine inspiration, an experience that will eventually engender tremendous physical sensations and actual changes to the physiology of humans. Our knowledge and experience of peace will no longer need the contrast of war and violence. Rather we will experience our peace as a fledgling imitation of the real and total peace of the universe. We will know the pull of universal evolution and see a convergence of the developing peace consciousness of our world with that of the universe. We will understand that at that far distant future time there will another great flash in which our universe is instantly transformed into to yet another unimaginable realm.

As always, this begs the question, in the midst of the absence of any genuine access to this new consciousness, can we as individuals, truly open ourselves up this shift? If we are able to make this change, would we be able to hold on to it? How would we know? Will we be given glimpses? Is it a process? How long does it take?

These are all good questions. The answer is simple because there is no process to the removal of veils. All of our questions arise from our sense of time that is dictated by our overwrought mortality. The answers to these questions represent a complex system in that, once the shift begins, a ripple effect goes out into our lives and the world. Health returns. Longevity increases. A love response is engender that attracts a completely different experience. When this happens, it is not at the expense of the time and events that have gone before, but rather as a result of them. This grateful rolling up of our energetic life experiences in to a culmination of transcendent catharsis informs us about the nature of time. As we remember who and what we are, we realize we were never anything other than this essence and our ability to know time evaporates. So all of the rational questions get answered, but they get answered by being turned on their ear. In fact, our whole view must be turned on its ear – maybe that is the purpose of the ear of the elephant.


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