Posted by: Michael George Daniel | February 6, 2009


I attended a pre-opening screening of the upcoming film FUEL, directed by Josh Tickell.

Here I am meeting Josh Tickell, director of FUEL.

Here I am meeting Josh Tickell, director of FUEL.

He’s the guy that created the Veggie Van ten years ago and drove it all over the country promoting bio-fuels by pulling up to fast food chains and ordering a small soda and all of their used fryer oil.

The opportunity to attend the screening came as a result of my telling my friend Bill Paglia-Scheff about the Last Road Trip project. As a participant in the Landmark Wisdom course, Bill and his wife Megan have a connection with the makers of FUEL.


Bill and Megan

So we ran down to John Jay college in New York City in Bill and Megan’s Prius to watch the screening.

This is an important film that everyone should go see when it opens in March.  It describes a positive alternative to our current fossil fuel addiction, and offers some explanation about the roots of that habit. It offered a couple of surprising pieces of information. Did you know that the oil spill resulting from hurricane Katrina was as large as the Valdez spill? Or how about the fact that a Time magazine article, featured on the cover in early 2008, effectively shut down the biofuel burgeoning market. It is only now, as the depths of our problems come into focus, are biofuels gaining acceptance again.

While searching for information about this issue, I found a lot of controversy about the food for fuel argument. Who is right? Well, one way of finding out is through experience and that is what I intend to do with the Last Road Trip. I urge you to do your own research and make up your own mind. Just be forewarned, the mainstream news media that would tell you biofuels are a bad thing are funded from oil companies and big corporations. They might not be objective about the issue. Meanwhile, I haven’t heard anybody complain about burning used french fry oil. It smells like popcorn.

If you think about how we expose our kids to cancer-causing diesel fuel exhaust on school buses, one has to wonder, what insanity would argue against reducing the use of fossil fuels? The fact is, when diesel engines burn vegetable oil, the burn clean. The engine technology was developed by Rudolf Diesel specifically to burn peanut oil. If you can take standard diesel motors and burn vegetable oil cleanly, why invest millions of dollars in so-called ‘clean diesel’? If you recognize the truth about depletion of fossil fuels, this investment seems even more stupid. Exactly how hard are they working on so-called ‘clean diesel’ technology…and why?

Go see FUEL

Go see FUEL



  1. Mike – Great article and we wish you the very best on your trip. Get up on Facebook before you go and post pictures along the way in you can so we can watch your progress and learn some of the tricks along the way.
    All the best and as usual thanks for being connected

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