Posted by: Michael George Daniel | September 14, 2009

A Note to Senator Lieberman

Dear Senator Lieberman:

Thank you for writing to me. I strongly disagree with your reluctance to endorse a public plan option (“While, in general, I would prefer not to see a public plan option…”). I urge you to reconsider this stance and suggest it suffers from poor judgment, a lack of compassion and an attachment to a failed status quo. I believe you have increasingly been demonstrating a lack of compassion with your policy stances. You need to know this. I do not believe such a lack belongs in public office.

We need a universal health care plan and we should drastically cut military spending to achieve it.

You have been demonstrating an attachment to a failed status quo that is dangerous to the well-being of the country in that it promotes war, imperialism and corporate dominance while ignoring epochal turning of resource depletion, peak oil, debt accumulation, currency failure, species extinction, climate change, fisheries failure, and clean water and air loss (to name a few). The fact is, and everyone in your level of government knows we are in for profound changes over the next few years, as well as for decades to come. It is time to stop denying the trajectory of our current society and the Earth and imperative that we move creatively forward into a positive future. Please avail yourself of, for example, the fine work of Yes! Magazine and David Korten (‘Agenda for a New Economy’, ‘The Great Turning’, ‘When Corporations Ruled the World’).

I am, to say the least, extremely disappointed in you as a senator – and it is not just because of your clear support of war and violence. I ask that you try to raise your awareness – as we all must – for that is the only thing one can do in the face of massive, converging trends that reflect the normal outcome of long-term, exponential growth inside of constrained systems. Moreover, our society offers devastatingly poor effectiveness with regard to social and economic justice. Our attachment to technologies and behaviors that will affect countless generations to come is unacceptable (and barely forgivable unless we learn something from it and soon).

Health care is a proxy for a broader agenda that has reached emergency proportions; an opening with which we are now presented to step into the intentional creation of a positive future. You are capable of understanding (and acting) on this truth.

I urge you to step through the doorway into a realm of greater, more compassionate awareness – endorse a universal health care plan funded through reductions in military spending.

Michael Harris

East Haddam



  1. Love your letter Michael. You’ve said it all so well. Thank you.

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