Posted by: Michael George Daniel | October 12, 2009


The science of 350

The science of 350

Dear Friend: I would like to propose our own local 350 Day of Climate Change Awareness right here in East Haddam. 350 refers to the upper limit, in parts per million of carbon, of the atmosphere to sustain life on earth as we know it. Oct. 24 is an international day of action to help spread the word about this vital information.
Will you help with this? are the organizers of this global action. If you don’t understand the significance of 350, the invitation and their website are the perfect place to start.

Here’s my proposal for right here, where we live:
Let us assemble in the parking lot behind the Goodspeed Theater, down by the river.
Let us assemble 350 helium balloons that can be tethered to our site as a visual cue, seen widely, that something is happening.
Let us form a drum circle at the base of the balloons that will drum for non-stop for 350 minutes (5.8333 hours)
Let us begin at noon and end at 6 PM.
Let us have enough people coming and going that no one gets tired from drumming for too long.
Let us have signs promoting our own special theme: “It’s all connected: Climate Change  Capitalism  Universal Health Care  Peace”
Let us have some donations to pay for the signs and balloons.
Let us have volunteers to help with all this.
Let us have the name of your group, organization, enterprise clearly displayed.
Let us have the media invited and in attendance.
Let us take prudent actions to obtain pre-approval from the Town, Goodspeed and the airport to do all this.
Let us not be dissuaded from this action by folks having a different opinion and being in a position of power to keep us from voicing our opinion and having this action.

Please circulate this widely and send me your commitment to help now – including the area of responsibility you are willing to engage with.

Thank you!



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