Posted by: Michael George Daniel | November 7, 2009

Health Care Travesty

Is it a travesty that Rep. Weiner of NY was pressured to pull his single payer amendment from the health care bill, up for vote today had he not? Or is it a smart political move so we can actually get something accomplished? To the first, I suggest we need to delve into our feelings and let our selves feel as we must feel, and decide from there. I, for one, am deeply saddened and grieved at this loss of opportunity. I am sick and tired of so-called pragmatism trumping idealism until the human race destroys the planet and we perish as a species. Because that’s where its going. Idealism will return, with a vengeance (no there is no such thing, I know, its semantics, an artists license).  If I use words like that, does it move you at all? What are you feeling about this? Maybe it is relief?

Maybe you are concerned with how much a single payer system would cost. Thus you are relieved that it is off the table? Is that a good criteria? Cost? Is there not a deeper value not being served here? Does the human race evolve? Do our societies evolve? Does our consciousness? Is our technical proficiency to provide the necessities of life and have some time and energy left over to philosophize suggest that we can use this consciousness to direct this excess energy toward taking care of everyone? Toward taking care of the planet? What if the implications are that, in not doing so, we are going to lose everything?

Because that is what is happening.  What if we realized this was happening (as we do)? Is that an evolution in consciousness? Yes, of course it is. What if we acted on this new awareness? Is that an evolution in consciousness? What if we acted on this new awareness and got some new information as a result? Errrr, what would you call that? In addition to continued evolution?

Ahh, a process. Yes, that’s where I was going with this. I guess. I’m just the scribe, but there is a pattern here. Open up to deeper values. Let go of the obsession with symbols. Money is a symbol. Remember? It’s not the real thing – it only is used to facilitate the creation of the real thing – food, shelter, health, love – life. Think about it.



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