Posted by: Michael George Daniel | December 4, 2009

Repost of an Entertaining Review of Dr. Seuss

From my Amazon review of the book, The Lorax:

There’s not much to say, so many things to write
About this book by Seuss, a zinger with a theme that’s less than trite
As usual he invents words and things and animals to delight
There’s no stopping his inventiveness, his genius gives me to fright
But read on I must, and so must you
For he offers a commentary on the world around too
It isn’t so sweet really, and the kids would do well
To learn this early instead of thinking all’s swell
The trees of Truffula offered fruit divine
Until they were all chopped down by a capitalist swine
He doesn’t really say that, I phrased it myself
Forgive the intensity from this young scribe elf
But you see, just recently I had this vision
Of a culture that’s driven
Past the red line
I tried to convince the local middle school principal, yes I did
To simply show a film to our kids
A film called The Story of Stuff, it’s really quite stunning
And not a stone’s throw from Seuss’s moral funning
But he said no and I learned convincingly
That our attachment to the status quo is practically instinctual
This book, and yes the film too I’m happy to say
Try to raise the bar
To admit that our growth economy has gone a bit too far
No he would not show the Story of Stuff
The kids might get upset, it would be too tough
To affect their belief in Santa Claus
And all that he stands for
Oh but that’s just one example of many
For me, a silly parent, a concerned ninny
So yes, Seuss does it well, surely better than me
He starts with a book about a simple tree
And then there are thweaters or something equally funny
Things you can wear when sleeping or running
They are most needed, we couldn’t be without them
So they cut all the trees and made enough for all, no doubt then
‘Cept a funny thing happened they didn’t expect
The water turned black and the air smelled like heck
The birds flew away, the animals fell ill
The price for the tweaters (or whatever they’re called) was a bitter pill
You get the gist – its an important message
Enjoy the education, take steps to unsuppress the suppressage
Whether with the books you read, like this one
Or the causes you champion, like challenging curriculum
Its for the kids I say this, for the kid’s future
We’ll all be better off – with the help of ideas Seuss helps nurture


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