Posted by: Michael George Daniel | January 5, 2010

Where Does A Democrat Go From Here?

Thank you Marianne for reminding us that there is a crucial role for truth, as we each would know it. And let me add that we are conditioned not to know it and, thus, it is everyone’s’ personal responsibility to go deep and find that which is most important in their own heart and soul. And most likely what you will find is what Riane Eisler calls an economy of caring. The bridge to the world we would have, and the one that has the only chance of staving off the catastrophe we are heading for, is policy that puts both human caring and caring for the natural world FIRST. Health care reform is but the tip of the ice berg; a proxy that is informing us of our dire ineptitude and numbed disconnection with all that matters, as much as it is inciting frustration, grief and anger in those that have opened to the great disaster we step into.
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