Posted by: Michael George Daniel | February 12, 2010

The Stolen License Plate

Someone stole the license plate off the front of my car – so I followed the instructions on the DMV website. Replacement plates cost $25 unless you get a police report, then they are $5. So I called the state police. Trooper McElroy #1147 showed up, but didn’t want to write up a whole report. ‘We only do that for crimes’, he said. He offered to give me a case #.

‘But someone stole the plate,’ I thought. So I printed out the DMV website page where it says a case #isn’t acceptable and showed it to him. He relented and told me the report wouldn’t be available for a couple of weeks. ‘That’s seems kinda funny,’ I thought. That I would have to call the barracks to request the report.

So I did. They told me the report would cost $16! I wrote an email to the DMV, the Dept of Public Safety and Representative Linda Orange asking if it would be possible to coordinate these silly policies. That they are actually a deception – of us, taxpayers. I haven’t heard back yet, but I only just wrote the email.

What do you think? Is this a ridiculous run around? More example of what I call ‘smoke screen’ polices that lull the public into thinking something is one way when in reality, it is not? See my prior blog about WTO and World Bank policies that just don’t seem to work. Is there a similarity here? I recognize that the State is strapped for money –  this is a reality of our time. But rather than cut the budget, they want to divert the subtle tax we all pay on our electric bill for clean energy rebates. They want to reduce incentives for the most cost effective approach to energy – energy efficiency – by stealing the money from that program. They want to charge top dollar for replacement license plates, but pretend that if you are the victim of theft, you don’t have to pay quite so much.

So let me see, I should wait a couple of weeks for the police report and pay $16 plus $5 to DMV for new plates. Or maybe I should drive there, stand in line and fill out forms and pay the $25 – maybe be done with it?

I’m not sure if I’m done with it yet! What do you think? Did you notice any similar blogs:

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