Posted by: Michael George Daniel | February 28, 2011

Oil and Wellness. Really?

How can we possibly be ‘well’ inside of the death rattle of the larger systems of which we are part? That is the question I continue to live. A recent post on Facebook refers to predictions of $200 per barrel oil prices. The author, Guy McPhearson (Nature Bats Last), suggest the absurdity of this idea – not because it can’t happen, but because this simple prediction eliminates so much of the picture that needs to be considered, and will be reflected in profound changes to the global social system.

Those that would talk about oil prices in such an isolated manner offer a hilarious perspective.  Yes, it is imperative to find the humor. Moreover, it is a supremely reductionist view that is disconnected from the reality of the larger perspective. Make no mistake, the larger perspective is now firmly in control. Business as usual is an archaic idea, to say the least.

I’m not down for the how-do-we-pay-for-the-oil game.  Such a discussion does not acknowledge the integral reality to which Guy infers; namely that the system inside of which we are imagining $200 per barrel oil simply won’t be the same as it is now. There are deep interactions that reflect the structural issues in play and to which we are not immune. For example, there won’t be fuel at the filling station because the global financial markets will freeze up. There won’t be food on the shelf of the supermarket, because there is no fuel. There won’t be electricity or water coming from the tap. That’s the sort of deeper implications that are part of any discussion, from here on out, about oil.

Let the 1% of the population controlling 95% of the world’s imagined wealth play the oil game. I’m creating something different thank you very much and it doesn’t require oil, nor money as we now know it. Did I mention that the current wealth in our society is imagined? What is real wealth? From where does it ultimately come? And what are we doing/have been doing for the last 200 years to this ‘mother’ of all things ‘real’? Right, destroying it. As long as we continue to live in the imagined world of money created out of thin air, yet as a result of a system that structurally creates a scarcity mindset, we will struggle to pay for oil and will never have enough. We have hit the limits of not enough, and the result is catastrophe. How could one possibly be ‘well’ inside of this reality?

The only response to what is happening is to take responsibility for the reality you create with your thoughts. The process, thus, is deepening our awareness, but/and then using this insight to strengthen our vision of the new reality emerging all around us, and create beauty that is a reflection of the self-organizing pattern of life offered freely and without effort by the Earth and the Universe.

By deepening our awareness of what is actually happening, and why, we create a foundation for imagining something completely different that emerges from deep, profound structural changes. For example, our debt-based money system requires – yes, requires, with no exception – that there never be quite enough and that we continue to grow the overall system – forever. Of course that can’t happen.  So what happens if we create a different system? Did those unsolvable problems just start looking slightly more manageable? Is there at least a possibility now that didn’t previously exist? Have we strengthened our imagination?

Moreover, we can develop our capacity to have faith in these possibilities by experiencing the powerful response of life self-organizing.  What does this look like? As a result of our separate-self perspective, an illusion of separation that has been invested in for the last 10,000 or so years (if not more as Charles Eisenstein would argue – that this trend is an inherent aspect of life evolving set in motion from the very beginning), we have lost touch with a real experience of this self-organizing ability. Yet it is constantly unfolding and used as a tool by each and every one of us all the time, as Mike Dooley (and others) argues in his book, Manifesting Change.

If we are able to ground our selves in the reality that life will/must respond in a way that is life affirming, because this is a fundamental principle of the Universe, then we can help with the process of letting go of old beliefs about control and separation.  I know that it might sound whoo-whoo to some to offer something along the lines of learning more about the ‘manifestation’ process, instead of specific ‘solutions’, but this is a response to the nature of the predicament.  Have you ever noticed that the ‘experts’ are the ones that offer ‘solutions’ and they are the ones doing well in this economy? If this economy is at the heart of the problem, are these really solutions being offered?

The definition of a paradigm is that it defines what we are capable of seeing; what we can imagine – because it is a framework in which we are immersed. Thus the framework is invisible. So seeing beyond the framework is not possible as long as it is invisible. The first step to seeing beyond the framework, to what might be, is to allow our self to see the framework. And, in fact, the framework consists of a history – a collective consciousness characterized by tyranny, exploitation, separation, atrocity, injustice…I could go on.  And the unintended consequences of this invisible framework are equally abhorrent.  So repulsive is this current consciousness, that we are, well, repelled. So this process of deepening awareness is ultimately an act of courage and faith – undertaken by those that understand we create our own reality based on our thoughts and that these thoughts are limited by the invisible framework of our collective consciousness, and in order to see beyond this framework, we must first make it visible.

This bears repeating.

1. We create our reality with our thoughts.

2. Our thinking, and thus the reality we create, is limited by our collective consciousness that is ascribed by the invisible social and culture framework in which we are immersed.

3. We can see expand our imagination,and thus create a new paradigm, by making the invisible framework apparent through deepened awareness.

If you go deep enough, as I know Guy has by virtue of the discussions he offers, then a response that is free of the trappings of the current paradigm is the only alternative. This deepened awareness makes clear how urgent and essential the so-called whoo-whoo stuff actually is. Ultimately, it is the only response: to stop giving away our creative energy and power by ‘fighting the system’ or trying to manufacture (literally) solutions to the problems inherent in the broader status quo, and instead manifest something quite different and quite beautiful.  Can thoughts become things? If so, what would you/we create?

When you ask that question and there is no answering pouring forth, what does that tell you, and how might you respond to such a limit of imagination, knowing how important this imagination is right now? This is a good question and I don’t suppose to have the answers. Yet I am responding – moving forward as best I can by exploring this process through the expression of my own life. What this means in terms of personal wellness is a sense of walking a tight rope between the anxiety of leaving the safety net of our failed social structure, and the exuberant joy of creating a life that is vastly more life-affirming.



  1. Thank you for this interesting post Michael. I personally managed to throw out the framework that I had been programmed to think within some years back, which shows that it can be done. It’s not easy, but if you become conscious of what you are thinking and change every negative thought to a positive one, it becomes much easier. It totally changed my life, and it opened many doors into spirituality. I’m at the point now where I’m able to create synchronicity in my life -conciously- and so create the kind of life I want. In the meantime, I’m also hoping to help others to empower themselves. The more of us who manage it, the better this world will be! 🙂

    • Gabrielle, an absolutely amazing idea: “change every negative thought to a positive one…”. I have only the glimpsed the power and potential of this idea, and thank you this reminder – there’s further to go, no doubt.

  2. C’mon tipping point! I think a lot of people are thinking a lot of this, and a lot of people also think/feel limited by change/’like how things are.’ So, yes, how can we have a new way of being that is truly self-sustaining for everyone and joyful? More people need to believe that it can become a reality. More people need to feel that the new way would be the better alternative than what many of us are currently living. Thank you for starting a conversation of how to create a world that is more real, loving & kind to ourselves, our planet, and each other. The more people who ponder this topic, the more the solutions will pour forth.

  3. Thanks for writing and posting this beautiful essay, Michael. As much as I appreciate your complimentary comments about my writing, I’ve got nothing on you. I welcome the new paradigm.


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