Posted by: Michael George Daniel | March 1, 2011

US Invasion of Libya and Hopes for an Economic Recovery

Recovery? There never was hope for recovery, so those words are so interesting. What is being created by continuing to invoke the words ‘hope for recovery?’  What is being created is the stage setting for an invasion of Libya. Ostensibly, it will again be for the purpose of helping/saving the people there and bringing democracy. But, unfortunately, the truth is, it will be about commandeering oil resources.

The reason there is no hope for an economic recovery is because the Earth’s resources, including its ability to absorb the waste of the industrial growth society (IGS), has been exhausted. Yet the economy itself, and the money system that undergirds it, requires constant growth. These system do not work if they do not grow. They fail when they can not grow. Prepare for failure of these systems. No economic recovery.

As with our more recent and not-so-recent invasions (Iraq and the Philippines come to mind), this invasion will involve the loss of incredible numbers of lives (millions, yes). And, to add to the abstract quality of it all, the US military will trumpet the relatively few loss of US servicemen (perhaps even none).  This will be heralded as a good thing, but the fact is, it just keeps the reality of the holocaust that much further from our comprehension.

Just to be clear: I object, in the strongest possible terms, to being a citizen of a country that perpetrates holocausts.

So one question that comes to mind, is what are the contributing factors to the unrest currently happening in the middle east? While on the one hand, this unrest is contributing directly to a sweeping oil price shock in this country just beginning to unfold. And, of course, this oil price shock will remove any possibility of ‘economic recovery’. In fact, it may wreck our economy period.  There will be a very dark period of uncertainty and unrest. It will be a situation that Naomi Klein calls shock and for which her theory of ‘shock doctrine’ applies. The crisis will be exploited to push through policies and activities that are unpopular (ie., invading other countries, restricting human rights).  It might be asked, is it really necessary to put us through this pain as a rationalization for war?

Good question. An even better question might be, why don’t we turn our attention and energy to renewable energy and structural change to our money systems to alleviate the broader human suffering that fighting over resources will ultimately produce? Why is it that we can’t agree on the obvious destruction of the land-base – of the Earth herself, in pursuit of economic growth so as to see the invisible assumptions that bind us to this fate? Why can we not connect the dots as a culture to see where this is going?

No economic recovery? So then what? Is it possible to envision something different? If we can envision something different, why is it so hard to achieve a consensus for moving toward this something different?


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