Posted by: Michael George Daniel | March 19, 2012

The Ernest Song Project


Music, Art, Spoken Word

The Ernest Song Project is an emotional exploration of the deepest spark of human potential in response to the massive convergence of change unfolding in the world today. Can breath channeled in song return us to a connection with a healing pattern of life? Do the evocations of art offer a roadmap to wellness inside of profound upheaval?

The Ernest Song Project is a personal journey to remembering our collective capacity for expressing life-affirming impulses in all we do.  Through such acts can we transcend cultural norms and invisible beliefs to facilitate a shift in consciousness toward a sustainable human relationship with Earth?

The questions reorient us to being more fully alive in this moment.

The Ernest Song Project comprises the music of Petrified, If Not for You, a musical allegory of our collective hardening and fear of our own deepest selves and a visual slide show combining images and words called The Ecology of Happiness – a holistic exploration of ‘happiness’ in relationship with current Earth-trends.

Ernest Song asks if it possible to recognize
how hardened we have become to the sacred quality
of all things – and how this has affected our ideas
about love and life.
We are petrified – hardened and afraid –
of this connection.
In seeking his own journey back,
Ernest Song offers an invitation
to a deeper definition
of love, joy and longing


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