The need to write keeps presenting itself. This blog will hopefully provide an outlet for a lot of stuff running around in my brain. Energies that come from many different places, often manifesting as a desire to try to connect the legion themes, information and insights traveling, morphing and reproducing in the world today – much of which is a product of the internet, our inchoate noosphere. To this, I must contribute my voice and in the process, hone it. Should you hear my song in your ears, then you will know that somehow, perhaps with the help of this blog, we have together achieved a new level of communication.



  1. Dear Michael,

    I was wondering if you would be interested in taking a look at a free review copy of a new book called “The Love” by the Oracle Institute. I read your review post on Carolyn Myss’s “Defy Gravity”. It was interesting to see the emphasis you place on the importance of what we need to do as individuals populating this world, bridging the realms of personal growth, healing and wellness, and saving the planet. I thought you might be also be interested in this book.

    “The Love” is a collection of 70 exquisite essays, articles, and poems exploring the many facets of love, including love of the Earth, animals, community, family, and, of course, people. The premise is simple: these writings lead us to the logical conclusion that the only way for the world to unite and live in harmony is to embrace a love that exceeds boundaries, groupings, religion, or dogma.

    This unique anthology includes the work of acclaimed New York Times best-selling authors and the generous contributions of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners. The list of authors associated with The Love include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Maya Angelou, Maxine Hong Kingston, Wendell Berry, David Suzuki, Barabara Hand Clow, Stephen Dunn, Andrew Cohen, and Brian McLaren. Their collective voice makes a powerful force for change.

    The Oracle Institute, based in Hamilton, VA, was founded in 2004 by Laura George. It offers educational books, spirituality classes, and holistic products that are donated by authors and artists who wish to foster the next phase of our collective spiritual evolution.

    Please let me know if you would like to receive a free copy of the The Love to review on your site. The Oracle Institute’s Laura George is also available for interviews and guest blog content. Let me know if that interests you and I’ll be happy to facilitate it.

    Thank you.


    Anna Ko
    Assistant to the Publicity Team
    Planned Television Arts
    1110 2nd Ave., 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10022
    O: 212-593-6467|F: 866-741-4411
    E: koa@PlannedTVArts.com|www.plannedtvarts.com

  2. Dear Michael,
    I want to thank you for being so bold, so clear, so committed. My name is Lynnea Brinkerhoff and I am the Field Coordinator of the Ecotherapy and Cultural Sustainability Certificate Program in Bethany, CT., the Graduate Institute. I am wondering when and if we might find a way to connect and support one another’s work in the world?
    Sending my finest

  3. Quick note, albeit a little outdated. To Anna, for the benefit of readers, I happily reviewed this book, loved it and insisted on meeting the author/editor, Laura George. She traveled to Connecticut and participated in a panel discussion at an event I helped created, with our local Earth Charter group, called The Long Emergency, What It Means for Your Community, featuring James Howard Kunstler. I am pleased and fortunate to have met Laura through Anna’s initiative and now have a wonderful affiliation with them.

    Thank you for the very nice comment Lynnea. I will happily contact you!

  4. Michael, it appears your latest published work here is 2013 and I’m wondering if you are still involved in this sight and wanting to write more? You can reach me at my FB page or at grweiner@yahoo.com Thank you, Garrett

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