Books in Development

The Books in Development page organizes the links to additional blogs that have been created as a forum for two other books currently in development. The first book is a work of fiction called Deep River, a novel set in the lower Connecticut River Valley about an itinerantly thinking, middle aged man moving through a mid-life crisis. It can be said about this character, Harlow Brown (fictional name), that he is traversing this crisis in the context of the much broader, accelerating changes of the world. Understanding the nature and interaction of the two offers a reasonable vehicle for creative expression in this my first novel. The link to the novel is: It is listed on the right side of your screen under Fiction.

The second book is non-fiction. It is about the topic of so-called sustainability and is called Abundance. This book seeks to analyze and understand this very broad topic. It tries to understand the range of the topic, searching for reasonable boundaries with which the many facets of sustainability, or organic relationship with the Earth and universe can be organized. For good or bad, it also uses aspects of my own life and journey as a source of information and a model for understanding the broader condition of the culture and living earth during the great turning. The link to Abundance is: A link is offered on the right side of your screen under Non Fiction.

There is a third book, a children’s book called Crab City, that is ready for publishing. I am currently working on a book proposal for that book. A PDF of the book is also available here.Visit the pages section in the sidebar below to view Crab City.


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